[PlanetCCRMA] 'default' sound card?

Mark Knecht markknecht@gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 15:20:02 2005

   Does anyone happen to know the rule for how, in a 2 card system,
the 'default' sound card is chosen?

   In the past it has, on my previous systems, always been card 0. On
my new AMD64 system it's turning out to be card 1, the HDSP 9652,
which is not what I want:

lightning ~ # cat /proc/asound/cards
0 [CK804          ]: NFORCE - NVidia CK804
                     NVidia CK804 with ALC850 at 0xda103000, irq 185
1 [default        ]: H-DSP - Hammerfall DSP
                     RME Hammerfall HDSP 9652 at 0xda000000, irq 209
lightning ~ #

This makes Gnome unhappy as I do not set up OSS on the HDSP9652
because of long existing problems and, as I say, on my other machines
card 0 has always been default which made Gnome happy.

thanks in advance,