[PlanetCCRMA] Midi Express PC

Buddy Bell hhbell@bellsouth.net
Wed Nov 23 10:15:02 2005

I bought a MOTU Midi Express PC on ebay and have been having trouble
getting it to work.  I used the snd-mtpav module with port=340 and irq=7
and it seemed to recognize it - but it reports (in aconnect) that there
are 8 ports instead of the six it has.  This is an old isa card based
midi interface that pre-dates the Midi Express XT that I think this
module was made for.  When I use jack's midi connection panel to connect
vkeybd to one of it's ports, then connect with a cable that port to my
keyboard I get no sound or activity light (on the rack mount module). 
If I plug the keyboard midi out to the MOTU midi in 1 the recv light for
in 1 lights up and the 2 thru 6 midi out lights blink when notes are
played.  But connecting midi out 2 to an instruments midi in will not
sound when the keyboard is keyed.  I'm not shure if this thing works or
wether I have a driver problem.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. 
Thanks.  BB