[PlanetCCRMA] MAudio - the same wav in Windows and Linux sound different

mArukqs marukas@hardcore.lt
Tue Nov 22 07:05:01 2005

I always had a bad feeling that the records made in Linux sound different
in Windows.

Here are some facts about M-Audio:
1) there is a setting Deemphasis in alsamixer.
In Linux it's default value is off.
This setting is even not mentioned in envy24control.
It has HEAVY IMPACT on higher frequencies in the recordings.

Try to do this:
a) open terminal
b) start alsamixer (or amixer)
c) find the setting Deemphasis
d) if your M-Audio card is running on 44100 - turn this setting to 44,1kHz
and hear the difference

/* Joke: e) delete all the records you mastered with your M-Audio card
before */

Try to change this setting to various values - you will hear the BIG
difference. It is very sad that recording which were sounding so bright in
Linux on other audio systems sound dull, sharp and ugly :/

It is no fun at all as I was recording with M-Audio card for a few months
- it is better to use SoundBlaster Audigy while mastering as it has better
drivers :/

2) the +3db, consumer and -10db settings both in envy24control and alsa
mixers are missing.

In OSS they sound different than just moving Analog volume sliders in
I tried to install OSS driver - ossxmix allows to control this mixer
setting. And I am 90% sure that sounds, produced via OSS drivers provide
better dynamic too.

The first problem is very significant as it has impact on all the
recordings - I am still in shock :/

Dear MAudio users - I cannot trust my soundcard anymore, so I am waiting
for your experiences, especially with Deemphasis setting.


P.S. tests were done in pro and semi pro quality hardware. Mastered in pro
level studios records on MAudio cards sound okay, but these bugs does not
allow to do mastering on MAudio cards.
Software used in testing: xmms, winamp, audacity for linux, audacity for
windows, ardour, qjackctl, latest commercial oss drivers, maudio panel for