[PlanetCCRMA] Mplayer with JACK?

Tim Berghoff BlackCount@gmx.net
Sat Nov 19 10:19:01 2005

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I have no idea as far as JACK support for mplayer, but I can tell you
there is a website in hungary
that has a collection of codecs ready for download.

Just type "mplayer codecs hungary" (without quotation marks) into Google
and there you go...

Have phun!


Michael T D Nelson schrieb:

> Hi all,
> I've got a complete and up-to-date PlanetCCRMA install, on FC3. I have
> audioapps and audiovideoapps installed.
> I'm very happy with my set-up at the moment. However (as ever...) I
> still have several things which I would still like to get working.
> First, I have an installation of mplayer, which I installed with rpms
> from somewhere-or-other. The only problem is that it doesn't include a
> JACK output plugin. I believe this needs to be compiled in? It does
> have an ALSA output plugin, but I have never really bothered to get
> this to work. Really, I would like JACK output.
> So, what is my best option? I assume it is to uninstall the current
> rpm(s) and install by apt from somewhere, but which repository, and
> which packages?
> I am also interested in installing a collection of codecs - I have a
> fairly wide range of video formats in my collection.
> Can anyone help me?
> Thanks,
> Michael Nelson
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Tim Berghoff


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