[PlanetCCRMA] Audiophile 192 and others

Peter Lutek plutek@infinity.net
Thu Nov 17 11:21:01 2005

mArukqs wrote:

>Somewhere on the web (http://apt.bea.ki.se/kernel-desktop/) I found this:
>I installed it (IIRC rpm -i --nodeps) and all the xruns at 96000Hz
>Author claims that he compiled this kernel version with some ccrma patches.
>Everything works fine now, except apt-get - it asks me to remove the
>kernel, so I it seems that I will need to reinstall it from time to time
>So finally it is possible to work at 96000Hz on Audiophile2496 , just
>CCRMA kernel needs to be upgraded somehow.
>I probably forgot to mention that with previous kernels from CCRMA I got
>jackd xruns even with no client application (xmms, ardour) running.
well, cool... glad you got it working!

btw... which planetccrma kernel were you using before? the one i'm using 
successfully is  2.6.12-0.21.rdt.rhfc3.ccrma