[PlanetCCRMA] Audiophile 2496 and others - pro quality impossible

mArukqs marukas@hardcore.lt
Thu Nov 17 09:46:01 2005

Of course I did lspci and setpci stuff for a few hours and played with
latency with no good results. Even tried to change latency in BIOS.

By the way, when I run jackd in playback only mode (switch -P) it works
without any xruns.


> On 11/17/05, mArukqs <marukas@hardcore.lt> wrote:
> I've run 96KHz successfully on my Athlon XP 1600+ using the Hammerfall
> cards. They are good cards. I've only done 96K playback though as I
> don't own any 96K A/Ds.
> That said I cannot do any of that without properly setting up
> priorities for the sound card and Jack. How are you setting these up?
> - Mark