[PlanetCCRMA] Audiophile 192 and others

Spec specialaka@blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Nov 16 12:39:01 2005

>Subject: Re: [PlanetCCRMA] Audiuphile 192 and others
>From: "mArukqs" <marukas@hardcore.lt>
>To: "Mark Knecht" <markknecht@gmail.com>
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>Reply-To: marukas@hardcore.lt
>I have M-Audio Audiophile 2496, but it does not work at 96kHz. In 95% of
>attempts to start jackd at 96kHz I hear stuttering sound as if the buffer
>is too small. Various jack settings were tried. Athlon 3000+, 1GB RAM,
>GeForce2, Fedora Core 4. Tried to tweak PCI latency - the same sh*t :/
>I was buying the card because of requirements in www.ardour.org, but I
>can't get the expected result. So, probably buy RME ://
ap 24/96 Works fine in FC3 quite low latency as well at 96khz (10ms or 
so) a couple of xruns, but rock solid if you drop latency and use xfce.

Thats an idea, try it in xfce instead of gnome or kde xfce has way less 
xruns on my system!

Saw a note on this list a while back about problems with FC4, glad I 
havnt bothered with an upgrade yet!