[PlanetCCRMA] Re: [ardour-users] Looking for Delta1010/envy24control info

7lb9oz Productions viipoundproductions@yahoo.com
Sat Nov 12 23:31:01 2005

Hello again, 
> > Just out of curiosity, why would you need to
> control this mixer app?
> I can't really think of a reason, but I'm using the
> 1010 in a pretty
> standard studio environment.  I've got all my levels
> set on the inputs,
> and use ardour for just about all my path routing
> and output level setting
> needs.

It is not so much that I need to control it, it is
more that I have used a Yamaha DSPFactory for years up
to this point, and that had pretty much been my mixer,
so now I am readjusting my methods and I am not really
sure where to start.

I have the Delta 1010 and it is hooked up to the
direct outs on my Behringer mixers preamps.  I
immagine that I will just use the first 2 Delta
outputs for my monitors, and the rest I would like to
set up as auxilliary send to my headphone amp,
although I havent thoroughly explored this possibility
with ardour yet.  

I guess at this point my main difficulty is making
this adjustment to the Delta/envy24control, and seeing
as how I apparently have a different version than all
of you this may be a little challenging to learn to
use this card.  

I am no newcommer to the studio, but could some of you
give me a basic outline as to how you would settup
envy24 + qjackctl + ardour?  Specifically I am curious
about settings in qjackctl.  I still have the basic
default settings, Realtime is checked but nothing else
is, should I check the H/W Monitor for this card?  The
interface is set to hw:0, Input and Output devices
both to default, and where it says Input and Output
channels they are both set to 0, but jacks 'connect'
button shows 12 captures and 10 playbacks?!?  Isnt
this more than the Delta acctually has?   

These are the basic questions that I have now, and so
far I havent seen a "this setting is for this type of
card" tip around, so I would appreciate some fellow
Delta 1010 users input.  Walk me through a basic
recording with the Delta, and point me to the right
settings for qjackctl to use and make the most out of
this card.

Thanks to all

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