[PlanetCCRMA] ams - no sound?

Mike Lococo mikelococo@gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 19:50:02 2005


I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question, I'm near the 
beginning of my learning curve here.  I'm just starting to experiment 
with Alsa Modular Synth, and having trouble getting sound output.

If I attempt to start it with just "ams", then I get and error that 
"Alsa_driver: can't set playback sample rate to 44100. Can't connect to 
ALSA".  However I can play 44100 wav files with aplay.  So I'm confused 
as to why ams is having trouble accessing my sound card.

But I'll try another way... if I start the jack daemon, I can run ams 
with "ams --jack", but I get no sound output.  Either with any of the 
demo patches suggested in the online tutorial, or by running a vco 
straight into a PCM output.  If I monitor the output with the a scope 
view module, I see waves so I feel like ams is doing it's thing.  But 
there's no sound.  I haven't tried adding a "jack out" as suggested in 
the documentation because I can't find such a module or LADSPA plugin.

Also, although I have no idea what it means I can run the command 
"ecasound -f:32,1,48000 -i null -o jack_alsa,myport -b:1024 
-el:sine_fcac,440,1" and get output through the jack server.  So I feel 
like jack is working alright.

My system is running fedora core 4, with the CCRMA repository 
configured.  I'm currently running the FC4 stock kernel, but can boot up 
the CCRMA kernel if it sounds like my problem might be related to that.

Sorry if this message has run long, I'm trying to cast a wide net and 
also make it clear that I've at least attempted to read the relevant 
docs before whining.  Thanks in advance for any help you can give.