[PlanetCCRMA] upgrade gnomemeeting to 1.0 question for FC1

M P Smoak smoak@mis.net
Wed Nov 9 15:58:01 2005

On Tuesday 08 November 2005 12:08, Tom Poe wrote:
> I have received advice from the gnomemeeting list to consider
> upgrading to gnomemeeting 1.0 as the gnomemeeting that comes
> with CCRMA is too old.  Has anyone done this?  How did you do
> it?  Any help appreciated.
> Second question: Has anyone configured to record a telephone
> interview using Audacity?  How did you do it?  Again, any help
> appreciated. Thanks,
> Tom

Yes, I've done this with both audacity and rezound, using an
old radioshack telephone adapter that we used before with a 
tape recorder.  phone line -> adapter -> mic input of sblive
card.  For phone recording you can reduce the sampling rate
and the quality setting for compression (I used oggM files
since thats all I knew how to do.)  I'd be interested in what
you choose for your setup.  Also, in what others are using and
for what purpose.