[PlanetCCRMA] 3 installation questions

R Parker rtp405@yahoo.com
Sun Nov 6 08:04:01 2005

--- 7lb9oz Productions <viipoundproductions@yahoo.com>

> Hello all, I think that I have got my monitor issues
> worked out to the point where it is just down to
> trial and error getting it the way I want it. 
> (there is still one more question there, but I will
> have to wait untill I am at home to ask it).  Now I
> just have 3 little questions to ask, mainly to clear
> up some confusion on my part.
> 1) I installed Fedora Core 3 with the default
> options, and all is fine except for a small issue I
> have with the use of LVM.  The installer creates for
> me a LVM group on my HD, and then within that
> creates ext3 partitions for / and /boot, plus
> swapspace.  This appears to be no problem, except
> that now in windows I can see that LVM group as
> drive E:.  I am thinking that I will use the same
> partition scheme that Fedora is installing with,
> just excluding the use of LVM so that the linux
> partitions are not seen in windows.  Is there any
> reason to use, or to not use LVM in the way that the
> Fedora Core installer wants to?  Should I just let
> it do what it wants to do and live with it showing
> up in windows?  Will it make any difference if I
> just create my own / and /boot as ext3 without using
> LVM?
> 2) When I installed Fedora, I mounted my audio HD,
> (internal, secondary master), as /media/audio, and
> it got formatted ext3.  I want it to be formatted
> XFS, but the Fedora Core installer only had the
> option for ext3.  I then looked after the install,
> and the provided tool for disk management also only
> has the ext3 option.  What do I do to take my
> /media/audio (ext3) HD and make it /media/audio
> (XFS)?  I can see on boot that the OS is loading XFS
> support, but I dont know how to set the HD up to use
> it.
> 3) I used to use demudi, and with that OS we had
> gnome and we also had fluxbox.  I like to have
> something like that to use, but I cant find it in
> the CCRMA repositories.  I do see that we have
> metacity and xfce, but I cannot figure out how to
> enable them on the sessions menu when I boot up.  I
> installed xfce myself, but metacity was installed by
> default, there just is no option to acctually use
> it.  How do I enable this desktop manager so that I
> can use it in addition to gnome on my system?  Does
> anyone here use a "low resource" desktop like
> fluxbox, if so which one(s)?
> Thanks to all in advance
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