[PlanetCCRMA] 3 installation questions

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sat Nov 5 18:29:00 2005

On Sat, 2005-11-05 at 18:10 -0800, 7lb9oz Productions wrote:
> 1) I installed Fedora Core 3 with the default options, and all is fine
> except for a small issue I have with the use of LVM.  The installer
> creates for me a LVM group on my HD, and then within that creates ext3
> partitions for / and /boot, plus swapspace.  This appears to be no
> problem, except that now in windows I can see that LVM group as drive
> E:.  I am thinking that I will use the same partition scheme that
> Fedora is installing with, just excluding the use of LVM so that the
> linux partitions are not seen in windows.  Is there any reason to use,
> or to not use LVM in the way that the Fedora Core installer wants to?
> Should I just let it do what it wants to do and live with it showing
> up in windows?  Will it make any difference if I just create my own /
> and /boot as ext3 without using LVM?

You can do a manual partitioning of the hard disk and create the needed
partitions as you want (instead of choosing automatic partitioning).
That will not use LVM. LVM adds flexibility in the sense that you can
add space or reduce space, move stuff around and so on and so forth. I
don't use it outside of servers so I can't comment, but it will add one
level of indirection to filesystem access - it may (or may not) make
things slower. 

> 2) When I installed Fedora, I mounted my audio HD, (internal,
> secondary master), as /media/audio, and it got formatted ext3.  I want
> it to be formatted XFS, but the Fedora Core installer only had the
> option for ext3.  I then looked after the install, and the provided
> tool for disk management also only has the ext3 option.  What do I do
> to take my /media/audio (ext3) HD and make it /media/audio (XFS)?  I
> can see on boot that the OS is loading XFS support, but I dont know
> how to set the HD up to use it.

You can use the command line utilities to format a disk with an xfs
filesystem. You need to install (if it is not there already) the
xfsprogs package ("apt-get install xfsprogs). "mkfs.xfs" will create an
xfs filesystem. I have no idea what options to use and so on....

> 3) I used to use demudi, and with that OS we had gnome and we also had
> fluxbox.  I like to have something like that to use, but I cant find
> it in the CCRMA repositories.  I do see that we have metacity and
> xfce, but I cannot figure out how to enable them on the sessions menu
> when I boot up.  I installed xfce myself, but metacity was installed
> by default, there just is no option to acctually use it.  How do I
> enable this desktop manager so that I can use it in addition to gnome
> on my system?  Does anyone here use a "low resource" desktop like
> fluxbox, if so which one(s)?

Probably you are missing packages in the xfce window manager, it should
appear (when installed) in the menu you have at login time. 

These are the xfce related packages in fc3:
I don't know which ones you really need....

-- Fernando