[PlanetCCRMA] Dual Monitors

Peter Lutek plutek@infinity.net
Fri Nov 4 13:30:01 2005

7lb9oz Productions wrote:

>Yes I checked the log, but unfortunately the only
>thing that it tells me in terms of a warning is:
>(WW) RADEON(0): Failed to detect secondary monitor,
>MergedFB/Clone mode disabled
>Which I obviously already know.
>I have tried everything that I can possible think of
>now, with xcinerama, without it, duplicating my old
>file, creating a new one, I looked at the guides
>online to no avail.  I have even tried using the
>"Applications > System Settings > Display" tool, which
>appears to think that it has set it up properly and
>tells me to restart the xserver, but it doesnt
>acctually do anything except rewrite anothre new
>xorg.conf file that also doesnt work.
>I am out of ideas
that's a drag.... i wish i could help. the last time i did this was with 
a matrox card, and i used a free multi-monitor utility for linux put out 
by matrox themselves. it worked "out of the box".

i wonder if you might find an answer from somebody on one of the xorg 
lists? see: http://www.x.org/XOrg_Foundation_Join_OpenLists.html to 
subscribe. in particular, i see a list specifically related to xinerama 

i hope you find a solution soon!