[PlanetCCRMA] opensource audio software available on macos x?

mrgrimm@radioactivecatfish.com mrgrimm@radioactivecatfish.com
Sat May 28 11:45:02 2005

ahoy all.

  been playing with a macos x on a powermax g5 at work, nice machine.. 
just wondering if there was any effort ongoing to port opensource audio 
apps to macos x?  i saw versions of hydrogen, ardour, and jack 
available, but not much else...  also, they were not available in any 
nice upgradable package like the planet,  just download and install... 
even projects like find and darwinports looked lite on audio apps..

  also, i was playing with garageband and was pretty impressed, 
especially the looping features.. brought a few questions to mind for 
the audio/planet experts:

+ has anyone used garageband or the upgrade (i think its called logix)?  
any thoughts compared to rosegarden?

+ how is the mac in general for audio work?  i know its always been the 
"pro" platform, but since ive only used cakewalk on windows and am now 
just starting with rosegarden, i was looking for some experiences from 

  ok, thanks as always to fernando and the planet people..