[PlanetCCRMA] snd_seq loaded but no midi

Kenneth cocteau@phreaker.net
Fri May 27 04:14:04 2005

>Oh... completely different animal. Maybe I missed this at the beginning
>of the thread. So the keyboard is not recognized at all as an audio
>device (you would get three entries in /proc/asound/cards). Midiman usb
>products normally need a firmware download to even work, that's probably
>what's missing. See this:
>and stuff about the radium here:
>I do not, at this time, have updated packages for fc3 for this...
>-- Fernando

    Thanks. That did the trick. The ALSA page had a link to this:


    Nice firmware installer. Downloaded it and the official windows 
drivers, followed instructions and within three minutes and a reboot the 
keyboard is working smoothly. Recognized by JACK and pd without any 
hassle whatsoever. Showed as a third audio device and everything... like 
you said. Very nice.

    Thank you again, for all your help.