[PlanetCCRMA] Re: LiveCD PlanetCCRMA. Someone working on that?

skynthesizer@screaming.net skynthesizer@screaming.net
Thu May 26 10:49:02 2005

Hi there,

Further to your Livecd enquiries, before taking the plunge with Planet CCRMA
(which I'm very happy with!) I found an audio based LiveCD called Apodio,
This can be found at- (in French with some English)
It seems to be based on PCLinuxOS (itself in beta) a standard Livecd which
is based on Mandrake. You can also do a HD install from this CD and also
rebuild the LiveCD itself. They seem to have got around Jack requiring root
privileges by not having a root password!! Fine for a cd I guess but after
HDinstalling Apodio and discovering the password issues I decided to go the
extra and dive into the PlanetCCRMA route. Being a fairly novice user who
was used to windows the Apodio LiveCD gave a good insight into what was available
and encouraged me to go for PlanetCCRMA. The Linux installers seem to have
got a little less daunting compared to a couple of years ago!!
Thac's RPM's for Mandrake include PCLinuxOS so I guess Apodio is those rebuilt
into the cd with a multimedia core 2.6.11-7.
I think a LiveCD is an excellent way to check it out and get hooked!!



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