[PlanetCCRMA] Delta 1010LT SPDIF Volume Control?

Rick Sutphin sutphinc@bellsouth.net
Tue May 24 16:31:01 2005

A so, so theory ruined by an ugly fact: I am getting output from my 
DDX3216 when I connect the S/PDIF Out on a SoundBlaster Live I have in 
another PC running Fedora Core 3.

I will have to do some more messing around, but it looks like its back 
to the problem being with:
1. signal mis-match between the 1010LT and the DDX3216
2. configuration problem with the 1010LT


> I am beginning thinking that the problem is with the DDX3216. I 
> started Hydrogen, and set its outputs to S/PDIF Out. I then enable the 
> digital mixer on PCM_1 and PCM_2, which are connected to channels 1 & 
> 2 of the DDX3216. With this configuration, I get output on PCM_1 and 
> PCM_2. I too am also seeing output on SPDIF Out, but I am getting good 
> signal levels.
> Unfortunately, there is not much documentation regarding S/PDIF in the 
> DDX3216 manual (just the 3 settings on the S/PDIF I/O page).
> I am having a hard time coming up with ideas to trouble-shoot this 
> problem  in a systematic way. If I stumble accross a solution, I'll 
> let you know.
> Rick
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