[PlanetCCRMA] OT: Good Soundfonts

Josh Lawrence Josh Lawrence <hardbop200@gmail.com>
Tue May 24 06:43:01 2005

Hey everyone,

I did some research on this last night.  As it turns out, Chicken
System's Translator will convert from Akai to Soundfont formats.  A
good friend of mine has this program, so I will be trying it out to
see how well the conversion works.  There seems to be a wealth of
really, really good samples in Akai format, which of course we can't
use (no disrespect to linuxsampler, but I believe that the Akai
capabilities aren't working yet).  If we could just get them into sf2
format, fluidsynth could use them.

Has anyone else tried this (converting Akai to sf2)?  If so, what were
the results?



On 5/24/05, Aaron Slocum <aaron@broskeeper.com> wrote:
> Michael,
> Thanks for setting the record (no pun intended) straight...  My bad!
> LADSPA plugins were on my 'to do' list as well as soundfonts.  I suppose
> that by the word 'plugins' in the actual link I'd have had a keen sense for
> the obvious!
> Thanks!
> Aaron
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> Aaron Slocum wrote:
> >Josh,
> >
> >Well, I haven't gone there yet.  It has been on my to do list for a couple
> >of weeks!  I'm pretty sure it came up in a discussion as a really good
> >source for quality soundfonts, though.
> >
> >
> I think you're mistaken - that looks to me like Steve Harris' website -
> on the page holding releases of his LADSPA plugins. It's all good stuff
> anyway.
> I'm sure someone will have mentioned this previously somewhere, but...
> If you're happy to be restricted from using soundfonts comercially (read
> the details on the website) then you could always have a look at
> http://www.naturalstudio.co.uk/
> They have a (nice-sounding and well-tuned!) drumkit soundfont, as well
> as a few others. Some of them use a lot of memory - but that's the way
> to get sampling to work well...
> Hope this helps someone
> Michael

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