[PlanetCCRMA] Delta 1010LT SPDIF Volume Control?

Rick Sutphin sutphinc@bellsouth.net
Tue May 24 04:06:02 2005

John Thursfield wrote:

>>I have been trying to get S/PDIF output working on my Delta 1010LT 
>>without any luck.
>>envy24control is showing that I have a signal on S/PDIF out, but I am 
>>not getting any sound.
>>I can't find a S/PDIF volume control in envy24control, volume control or 
>>alsamixer.  Does anybody have any idea where it is?
>On my envy24control (controlling a Delta 66) the spdif levels are found
>under the  monitor mixer tab after HW/IN4.  afaik you shouldn't need to
>change the level of it though as the levels should already be
>optimised.  Under hardware settings is an spdif setting, I run as
>professional, audio stereophonic, no emphasis, int 44.1 with locked and
>reset checked.
>Works for me.  Sorry if I've misunderstood your problem.

Thanks for the answer. After a little experimentation, I am starting to 
think the problem is not with the Delta 1010LT, but with the settings on 
my mixing board which is receiving the S/PDIF signal.