[PlanetCCRMA] S/PDIF on Delta 1010LT

Rick Sutphin sutphinc@bellsouth.net
Sun May 22 15:28:01 2005


I am using Planet CCRMA on Fedora Core 3. I have a M-Audio Delta 1010LT 
soundcard. All of the analog inputs are working, and all of the analog 
outputs are working. But, I have been unable to get the S/PDIF output to 
work. The S/PDIF out is connected to the S/PDIF in on a Behringer 
DDX-3216 mixing board.

I started Hydrogen and connected its output to playback_9 and 
playback_10 using qjackctl. I am getting output on playback_1 and 
playback_2 through H/W Out 1 and H/W Out 2. But I am not getting output 
on the S/PDIF channels.

I am showing a signal on S/PDIF Out in envy24control (started with the 
-v option). Also, I show signal on S/PDIF Out in meterbridge. 

Since there is only one setting on the mixing board for S/PDIF, I think 
I have it setup right. Also, If I set the Master Clock in envy24control 
to S/PDIF the 1010LT continues to work correctly. 

I have no idea of how to troubleshoot this, and any help would be 

Thanks in advance,