[PlanetCCRMA] Getting timidity sounds piped thru to Rosegarden?

Mirco Scaramucci Proud mircobeaker@gawab.com
Fri May 20 06:10:01 2005

Hello there averybody,

I have a silly question to ask that is tormenting me.
I have been trying to get timidity to work thru Jack and use its sound 
fonts  on Rosegarden.
I can start qjackctl and rosegarden and get sounds from ZynaddsubFX but 
unfortunately the latter doens't appesr to be able to play several 
instruments at the same time.
I therefore thought that if I could start timidity and use it instead of 
ZynnaddsubFX but, as all probably know, on Fedora 3  timidity hasn't got 
a gui anymore and starting it at the commnad line appears to make work 
thru a different sound system instead of being channelled thru jack.

Could anyone shed some light on how to execute timidity thu jack?