[PlanetCCRMA] Jackd, Too many Active Servers;

Mirco Scaramucci mircobeaker@gawab.com
Tue May 17 16:01:02 2005

Thanks for oyur precious reply.
It did help a bit. I managed to get a quite muffled sound on rosegarden 
and muse using Zynaddsubfx but unfortuantely, as I said, the sound ws 
very low and and limited to only two or three instruments in midi track 
that contained nearly 10.
That made think  that   maybe I haven't got any  sound fonts  loaded for 
my sound card   in  order  for rosegarden  and al   the other apps to be 
able to reproduce. Correct me if I am wrong.
On the other hand I wasn't able to locate any sound fonts anywhere  in 
my  filesystem or on the net.
Can ANYONE help me locate some please. As I said I have  Philips Dynamic 
adge 4.1 which uses the CMI8738 driver.
Last question is: after installing the planet ccrma kernel the default 
sound through ESD on gnome desktop is very scrambled and crackling to 
the extent that I had to disable sound for events.  All audio 
applicationa are working correctly and with clear/nitid sound apart 
from, as already stated, ESD and TIMIDITY.
Has anyone encountered these problems and if yes has anyone been able to 
solve them.

Thank you very much