[PlanetCCRMA] dv camera and Gem

Andres Cabrera andres@geminiflux.com
Tue May 17 06:31:02 2005

Hi all,

Has anyone managed to use a dv camera together with pd + Gem with

My situation is the following:
-dvgrab captures video from the camera without problems.
-kino works if you select /dev/raw1394 and use interface 1 instead of
the default 0 (probably because I have two firewire bridges). (It
doesn't work with driver=dv1394)
-coriander reports there is no camera connected (has anyone used this
with the planet?)
-Gem reports there is no device connected.

>From emails with Iohannes Zmoeling (gem developer), it seems gem is
geared to using /dev/ieee1394/dv/host<i>/[PAL/NTSC]/in or /dev/dv1394,
which are AFAIK created by devfs, (and I think planet uses udev?).

How could I create these nodes, and should they work?