[PlanetCCRMA] cdrtools/xcdroast-FC3+Planet: Audio CD write problems

Aaron Slocum aaron@broskeeper.com
Mon May 16 10:53:00 2005


I have the same; FC3 + CCRMA.  I have had superb results writing audio
projects to CD and DVD with Kb3 (I'm not certain that this came as part of
the ccrma package, but it's on my kde audio panel menu...)


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What am I missing here? cdrtools and XCDRoast always worked for me before,
but since I've migrated to FC3+CCRMA Planet, they refuse to write anything
but data CD's. I suspect this is RH/FC's typical malfunction by design
--like with video formats (btw, I still can't get them working either, care
less)-- to avoid potential legal problems.

I get the error:

"With your version of the cdrtools only pure data CD's are supported..."

I thought the solution would be building this from source, but I cannot get
cdrtools to build on my FC3 box.

Is audio CD writing supported as part of CCRMA Planet? If not, it really
should be.

I've invested many hours on a gargantuan amount of samples. This used to
work, but now doesn't. I'm less concerned about the problem with video
formants, but audio CD writing is a must.

I've never seen a post here about this problem, so it may be a blind
oversight on my part: is there a config file that needs tweaking? If it's
compiled in, shouldn't it be part of Planet? (I guess the same copy-right
liability may be a problem.)

Any wisdom shared,

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