[PlanetCCRMA] Problems: FC3 w/ MidiMan 'Uno' via usbmidi

Mark Shuford davemarcus@pobox.com
Sat May 14 18:34:01 2005

Hi all, hope someone can help me w/ this...

Fedora Core 3
M-Audio/MidiMan 'Uno'

I've just put on the latest (as of Wed 11 May 05) CCRMA@home for Fedora
Core 3.
(Fresh, clean install (was running out of room on HDD anyway) to replace
that which I had running on RH 8). I never had luck with RH 9 or any of
the FCs up 'til this last try.

Everything looks and seems to work super spiffy...

...except I can't get my M-Audio/MidiMan 'Uno' (don't think that's what
they called it at the time I bought it) to do its thing.

I've been all through the stuff about hotplug and fxload and such (It
doesn't look like the docs have been kept up-to-date on this stuff.) and
it looks like what I am lacking is ezusb1213 (or was it 1312).

I've tried to find a package that's ready to go for this -- no joy. The
source, which I can download, just completely cr*ps out when I try a
make. I've done this stuff for long enough of a time that I'm not making
any obvious errors.

My brain has been doing too many things today and, especially, the rest
of the preceding week. Helppppp.....

Is any of y'all (yep, I'm from NC, USA) running anything like this
combination? Any luck? If so: What'd you do?



Mark Shuford