[PlanetCCRMA] MadWIFI and edge kernels

Frode Petersen fropeter@online.no
Sat May 14 10:50:01 2005

I wrote (some time ago, but have not got any response, so I try again):
> I guess this would seem a trivial thing to ask, but could the madWifi 
> kernel driver for any of the stock FC3 kernels be used with the edge 
> kernels? If so, how do I determine the correct one to try? If not, are 
> there any issues with compiling them?

The issue I'm trying to get an answer to is general, in that I'm curious 
about the relationship between kernel modules compiled for an official 
FC kernel and the modified kernels from PlanetCCRMA, especially the edge 
kernels. Is the base kernel that you modify from Fedora, or from Linus' 
tree? You create new alsa modules for all(?) PlanetCCRMA kernels; is 
this a requirement for all kernel modules? Is there any difference 
between compiling a module towards the FC kernels and towards the Planet 

I'll be thankful for any answer, and I won't be resentful for getting 
none: I just hope... ;-)

Best regards,