[PlanetCCRMA] Problems with HDSPmixer settings

Mark Knecht Mark Knecht <markknecht@gmail.com>
Sat May 14 09:12:01 2005

On 5/14/05, Michele Spinolo <michele.spinolo@tin.it> wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> first of all thank you very much for your help!
> >To get sound from your convolver (assuming everything is on
> >alsa_pcm:output1/2) then you want to bring up the middle row to 0 and
> >the bottom row to a level that gives you the right overall volume.
> that's what I did at first: put middle and lower row at 0dB but doing like
> this I can hear the sound from the convolver and the sound which, I suppose,
> comes from input and goes directly to the output.
> I read on the web (http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/7024) that per
> default RME inputs and outputs are connected, so I was wondering how to
> remove the "direct sound" which comes from the input.
> Thank you very much again!
> Michele

   OK. Sorry. I didn't understand that was the exact problem. This is
where the hidden mixer elements come into the picture. It's a little
hard to explain so bear with me. To fix this you want to choose the
small box below the top row of faders. It should show a list that
looks like this:

A1 1+2
A1 3+4
A1 5+6
A1 7+8
A2 1+2
A2 3+4
A2 5+6
A2 7+8
A3 1+2
A3 3+4
A3 5+6
A3 7+8

This list is your path to the 12 routing channels that any input is
hooked up to. Every HDSP input is actually hooked to every output, but
by default there is only a striaght through routing/ The numbers
represent the volume that goes to each OUTPUT port. The volume does
NOT effect the signal coming into applications.

To disable audio going from In 1 to A1 a and A1 2 you choose that pair
in the pull down list and then drag the slider down to 0. The, choose
another name from the list and you'll see that you can turn it's
slider up and send In 1 to SL-L & SP-R if you want to.

It's complicated, but it does work.

NOTE: Remember to save your settings as default if you want this
setting group to be recalled the next time you start hdspmixer.

hope this helps,