[PlanetCCRMA] Re: Alsaplayer

Andrew Longland-Meech andrew@longland-meech.me.uk
Fri May 13 06:53:03 2005

Matthew Barber wrote:

> Hi,
> Quick question... I wonder if this is a known bug:
> If I try to use Alsaplayer to play a CD, but it's a rare CD or a CD I've
> made myself that doesn't have a cddb database entry, it crashes
> immediately.  I wrote a script that makes one for you, but I'd rather
> have it just not crash.
> Thanks,
> Matt


Have you received any response?

I have also experienced this irritating bug. Anyone out there have any
ideas please? Even just how to turn off the CDDB lookup.

Also is development on alsaplayer dead? Emailing Andy Lo A Foe from the
link on alsaplayer.org just results in a bounce. (Yes, I did remove the
anti-spam device!)

One more thing - when using alsaplayer through JACK, the sound gets
distorted (a sort of tinny ringing gets added to, in particular, loud
high sounds and reverb). This doesn't happen when not using JACK. (I
only discovered this a couple of days ago when using earphones for the
first time in ages - it's not so noticeable through the speakers!) Any
ideas as to why this should be. I'm not getting anymore xruns than usual
so I don't think it's related to this. Could it be to do with
resampling, maybe?