[PlanetCCRMA] Modprobe question -- I think

ken dawson chia wu dawsonwu@rahul.net
Tue Mar 29 11:34:02 2005


I'm running the Planet FC2 distro on my laptop (a Dell 7500) with all the audio 
packages installed.  I use it at work as my audio-content player, logging in 
using ssh from my development behemoth and running sound apps through the 
built-in sound card and a pair of headphones.  Works great, with the usual One 
Single Caveat ...: I have to log into the laptop's console in order for the 
sound-rendering software to be able to access the sound card.

Back in ancient times, there was this notion of an "audio" group to which users 
could be added if they were trusted to do Reasonable Things with the sound 
system, and the concerned device nodes were created with the group "audio" 
having -rw- permissions.  This seems to have disappeared, but I would like to 
resurrect it for my purposes, because, honestly, I see leaving my system with an 
open login as more of a threat/nuisance than whatever perils I can foresee from 
allowing normal users to play sounds.

The problem is that the architecture of the FC2+ startup stuff has kind of 
outstripped my confident comprehension.  It used to suffice to modify some 
flavor of /etc/rc.d/... script to accomplish this sort of work-around, but this 
seems to no longer be the case.  I have the vague feeling that the solution must 
be in some clever incantation to be inserted into /etc/modprobe.conf, but, 
outside of the really quite explicit instructions certain ALSA-related HOWTOs 
have listed, I can find no document which suggests how I might invent this 
incantation that I seek on my own from (sort of) first principles.

Does anyone know what helpful docs may point the way in the case of modprobe 
knowledge, or, failing that, have the quick and dirty "just type this" style of 
solution for this particular problem?

Thanks for your bandwidth and your time.