[PlanetCCRMA] L1 and Q10 functional look-alikes?

Brad Fuller brad@sonaural.com
Mon Mar 28 16:20:02 2005

Anyone know of any Linux functional equivalents for Waves' L1 and Q10
I just need something close - and maybe it's a combo of plug-ins that'll
do the job, maybe it's just one app.
And, I don't require a GUI, I actually need to set it up as a batch
processing system anyway.

If you are not familiar with the plug-ins, the following is from the
Waves' site:

L1 Features:

      Double precision internal processing
      Lookahead peak limiter for maximum level
    * Two types of dither
    * Three noise-shaping curves for optimal control
    * Maximum peak control with minimum distortion
    * Requantize to 24, 20, 16, 12, and 8-bit output
    * Sample-accurate peak hold metering
    * Adjustable release time

*Q10 Paragraphic EQ*
Q10 Features:

    * Selectable number of bands
    * Frequency response display
    * 5 types of filters, bell, low/high shelf, low/high pass
    * Filter band control point for graphical modification
    * Control strapping
    * Versatile EQ Controls: Frequency, Gain, and Q
    * Low noise filters
    * Process Left and Right separately, strapped or mono

Most gracious thank you!

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