[PlanetCCRMA] Ardour/Jack Transport/Sequencer that actually tracks?

R Parker rtp405@yahoo.com
Mon Mar 28 11:29:01 2005

--- Louis van Dompselaar <louis@dompselaar.org> wrote:
>  > Linux needs Ardour to add MIDI support...
> Amen to that.  I have been wanting to use Ardour for
> some time now,
> but its inability to sync to anything outside my
> Linux box makes it
> impossible.

I assume you're attempting to use MTC for sync. This
does work. The current CVS includes MTC updates that
alledgedly fix bugs in slaving and make MTC master
usable. I haven't tested these patches.

Duane Holsbeck and I recorded 38 mic/lines for a live
production of Jesus Christ Superstar on Friday night.
The band had a drummer, one bass, two percussionists,
two (stereo) keyboards, three guitars, seven choir
mics, and four lead vocalists each with a mic.

We split the snake to a 40 channel, eight bus Allen &
Heath 3300 consol with 24 tracks patched to a Mackie
SDR24 and 14 tracks into Ardour. I ran the Mackie as
MTC master and Ardour as the slave during the

I had lots of MTC related dropouts while mixing in the
studio when attempting to MTC slave the Mackie, Ardour
and a Yamaha AW4416 to a Tascam DM-24. I dropped the
AW4416 and made the Mackie MTC master, Ardour MTC
slave and am using the DM-24 without MTC. This setup
eliminates the MTC dropouts.

Ardour is scheduled for MIDI sequencing after version
2 .


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