[PlanetCCRMA] Re TiMidity front end. A bit of Sat PM entertainment

nigel henry cave.dnb@tiscali.fr
Sat Mar 26 10:41:01 2005

Hi Folks. I've still been trying to find another front-end for TiMidity on 
FC2. Right. RPMfind had a really up to date version of Kmidi. RH8! So 
thinking there was nothing to lose I went for it. Rpm -ivh, and it installed. 
So far so good. I'd got this nice little midi file from a guy on the Alsa 
user list, a version of Robert Miles Children. Press Go! ....... Weeeell. It 
plays but ain't arf hammering the cpu, and skipping a bit here and there. 
Then it started playing more tracks, obviously demo's. I've got the 
Carpenters "Mr Postman" playing and can't stop the darned thing, it's using 
so much cpu. At one point I lost all the desktop icons.lol. Obviously KDE had 
had enough of it as well. I mean, it's not like I was trying to run it on a 
486. It's a 1.3GHZ P111 Celeron. Allright I know thats not cutting edge, but 
all the same! Probably the only reason for having another go at Kmidi is that 
from a link on sourceforge I've managed to get Ksim, another missing app from 
KDE on FC2. This one installed from a tarball and does work ok. Nice to have 
cpu useage and network traffic in the bottom left hand corner of the desktop 
again on FC2. Having got that I was feeling a bit gung-ho and went for Kmidi. 
! out of 2 ain't bad though. I've used a RH9 rpm on FC1 and it's worked ok 
"Guidedog the IP masquerade prog", but I suppose RH8 onto FC2 is pushing it a 
bit, especially with the 2.6 kernel. If anyones got any time spare I'd 
appreciate a bit of help with using a script for creating a GUI for TiMidity 
thats at. http://wids.net/lab/timidity.html . It's mostly in Japanese but 
clicking on Changelog version 0.6.2 appears to show the script. I havn't 
worked with scripts yet, but am game for it with a bit of help. Hope it's 
been nice wherever you are. In France it's been like summer, and playing with 
the dog in the garden from time to time has rested my eyes from the monitors. 
Have a nice weekend. Nigel & Rizla (the dog)