[PlanetCCRMA] Installing on existing FC3

Tracey Hytry shakti@bayarea.net
Thu Mar 24 04:19:02 2005

The last installs I did were FC3 setups*

On the first one I downloaded the apt program from the pointer on the website.

I then installed it, set up apt and "apt-got" synaptic.

Synaptic gives a nice graphical way to find and install what's on the CCRMA site.

I then used it to install the kernels and alsa stuff, or you can do a "apt-get install planetccrma-core" from a root command line.

It's best to just follow what's on the site:


Once I had the new kernels and alsa up and running I started synaptic and decided what I wanted to download and install on the machine.  I also used it to get the updates for FC3.

There is a lot of files that make up the planet, so you are going to have to download them if you want them.  The advantage to synaptic is that you can decide what you want and when.


* I used a combination of apt-get, synaptic, and the rpm command.

I first got the FC3 upgrade files, upgraded with them, and saved /var/cache/apt/archive/*.rpm to the local server, I then apt-get clean(ed) the cache.

I then got the kernels and alsa stuff from both core and edge with synaptic (but I told it to download only).  From there I installed the kernels and sound drivers from the command line using "rpm" (I'm a little old fashioned:) I saved the cache again before cleaning it("rm *.rpm" works too).

At that point I played with the grub.config and modprobe.config to make the system start the way I wanted.  I also played with the startup files for the run levels I use(mostly boot into 3, log in as myself and "startx").

Then I installed the planet's audio apps using apt-get and again saving the cache to the local file server.

Later I used these files to install to a machine that's on the local network but firewalled off from the rest of the world. There I used the plain old rpm command to set up everything.  Some day I'll get around to setting things up so I can use apt-get or synaptic to do new installs off of the local network.

On the 1st of the two machines I had to use FC3 because anything older could not find the serial ata drive on that computer.  I also put on the nvidia drivers(with Fernando's latest 2.6.stable) and set up the wine system.
I also got xine, and the other video players from the other rpm sites and set up the dvd player.

So now I have a nice audio computer setup that I can watch dvd's on( I Played a GD concert right after setup:) and also I can play one of the popular window's multi player games on it.  Not to say that computer was easy to set up... it was quite the learning experience getting the vidio to work using the dvi output on the vidio card.

The 2nd machine will stay off of the outside net-world and be dedicated to either being a small music palyer for one of the bedrooms or it will become part of the home automation around here(wondering if I should try misterhouse or roll my own?).

Needless to say, FC3 works pretty well on both machines.