[PlanetCCRMA] Rosegarden DSSI Problems

Steve Haynal ccrma@softerhardware.com
Tue Mar 22 23:09:01 2005

Thanks for the responses. I had some dssi stuff installed in /usr/local 
that I've cleaned up but still have the same problems. I captured the 
console output from both versions of rosegarden. Here are the 
interesting differences:

1.  Version 0.9 produces all 4 lines, version 1.0 produces only the first 3.
DSSI VST plugin GUI controller v0.96
Copyright (c) 2004 Chris Cannam
created lo server (url is osc.udp://shiva:18373/) - update path is 
Launched ok, pid = 7091

2.  Version 1.0 produces hundreds of lines of "Profiler" output that 
does not appear in 0.9. For example,
Profiler : id = StudioControl::setStudioObjectProperty(float) - elapsed 
= 0ms CPU,  0.000286000R real
Profiler : id = StudioControl::createStudioObject - elapsed = 0ms CPU,  
0.010427000R real

3. The first thing version 1.0 does is initialize the DSSIPluginFactory, 
version 0.9 does this later, after initializing jack. All in different 
orders, both versions generate similar initialization output.
PluginFactory::instance(dssi): creating new DSSIPluginFactory
[/home/shaynal/.dssi] [/usr/local/lib/dssi] [/usr/lib/dssi]
RemoteVSTClient: all cache files are up-to-date, not running scanner
RemoteVSTClient: all cache files are up-to-date, not running scanner
Rosegarden 4-1.0 - AlsaDriver - alsa-lib version 1.0.8

4. This line appears in working version 0.9 but not in broken version 1.0:
AlsaDriver::setMIDIClockInterval( 0.020833333R)

5. Version 1.0 creates the DSSIPluginFactory twice. Once at the very 
beginning and then later when I start a DSSI plugin.

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano wrote:

>On Sun, 2005-03-20 at 22:42, Steve Haynal wrote:
>>I upgraded to CCRMA's rosegarden4_1.0-1.rhfc3.ccrma_i386.rpm and now 
>>DSSI soft synths no longer work. When I start a DSSI soft synth in 
>>rosegarden (trivial_synth, less_trivial_synth, dssi-vst) everything 
>>appears the same as with the older version of rosegarden (guis appear, 
>>same messages on console, no errors) but the soft synth does not seem to 
>>receive midi data nor produce audio, even when I force it to via the 
>>gui. All the connections in jack look good. I'm running FC3. I've 
>>switched back to rosegarden4_0.9.91-1.rhfc3.ccrma_i386.rpm and 
>>everything is fine again. Has anyone experienced (and solved) this 
>>problem? Has anyone used the latest rosegarden with DSSI soft synths 
>What did you have installed before upgrading to the dssi enabled
>rosegarden? Did you have your own dssi installation? Maybe it is
>conflicting somehow with the dssi package from Planet CCRMA. 
>-- Fernando