[PlanetCCRMA] Rosegarden DSSI Problems

Steve Haynal ccrma@softerhardware.com
Sun Mar 20 22:43:01 2005

I upgraded to CCRMA's rosegarden4_1.0-1.rhfc3.ccrma_i386.rpm and now 
DSSI soft synths no longer work. When I start a DSSI soft synth in 
rosegarden (trivial_synth, less_trivial_synth, dssi-vst) everything 
appears the same as with the older version of rosegarden (guis appear, 
same messages on console, no errors) but the soft synth does not seem to 
receive midi data nor produce audio, even when I force it to via the 
gui. All the connections in jack look good. I'm running FC3. I've 
switched back to rosegarden4_0.9.91-1.rhfc3.ccrma_i386.rpm and 
everything is fine again. Has anyone experienced (and solved) this 
problem? Has anyone used the latest rosegarden with DSSI soft synths 


Steve Haynal