[PlanetCCRMA] One more question -- rezound

Bradley S. Campbell bsc3j@virginia.edu
Fri Mar 18 10:40:01 2005

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Kevin (and everyone else),<br>
I went to rebuild rezound and I got a few errors about the fox
libraries, so I attempted to upgrade them.&nbsp; The rpm hung while trying
to upgrade, but it seemed to finish (I'm guessing it was a bad .rpm).&nbsp;
I uninstalled that updated version (or so I think, with rpm -e) and
used synaptic to reinstall the ccrma version of fox.&nbsp; Now when I
attempt to install fox via synaptic weird things happen:&nbsp; 1) I get an
error saying fox is already installed, or 2) fox installs, but in a
peculiar way -- the package "fox" remains queued for installation, and
a package "fox#1.2.11.rhfc3.ccrma" appears installed, while "fox" isn't
installed and is always waiting to be.<br>
I think what I need to do is uninstall all the fox rpms I have and
manually clean out any files which may have resulted from the bogus rpm
install attempt and then use synaptic to install the ccrma version of
fox.&nbsp; Does anyone have a reccommendation of how to do this in a way
that won't compromise my system?<br>
Kevin Ernste wrote:
<blockquote cite="mide47eedd505031721037a01eae7@mail.gmail.com"
  <pre wrap="">On Thu, 17 Mar 2005 22:01:33 -0500, Bradley S. Campbell
<a class="moz-txt-link-rfc2396E" href="mailto:bsc3j@virginia.edu">&lt;bsc3j@virginia.edu&gt;</a> wrote:
  <blockquote type="cite">
    <pre wrap=""> Hi (again) everyone!
 As sort of an analogue to the question I just send -- I realize that
rezound is a for-sure JACK-enabled alternative to sweep.  However, when I
attempt to use rezound to open .wav's (which is the format most of my
samples are in), I get a rather strange error -- I get a warning dialog box
that says the following:
 "libaudiofile reports that dir/dir/file.wav contains x sample frames yet
the file is most likely not large enough to contain that many samples.
 Loading what can be loaded."
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Hi Bradley -

I saw this on an FC3 machine a while back, very odd indeed.  A local
recompile of Rezound (rpmbuild --rebuild rezound*.src.rpm) seemed to
clear it up.


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