[PlanetCCRMA] NFS client trouble with my ccrma box

Steve Harris S.W.Harris@ecs.soton.ac.uk
Tue Mar 15 09:27:04 2005

No a huge ammount of help, but my FC2 ccrma box at home mounts its /home
off an NFS server and it works fine. I was thinking of taking it to FC3,
but maybe I'l wait :)

Have you set the sync flag on your NFS server? e.g.

/home                    10.11.12.*(rw,sync)

I think this is important in recent kernels, but I cant remember why.

- Steve

On Mon, Mar 14, 2005 at 07:33:27PM -0600, Chris Synan wrote:
>    Hi,
>    I have a debian server with NFS share, and two FC3 clients, one vanilla
>    FC3 and one ccrma.  I keep both relatively up to date, i probably update
>    each box weekly.
>    On the vanilla box I have no problems accessing the share.
>    On the ccrma box I am having a lot of problems accessing the share.
>    The cat5 running between these machine is probably not over 20 yards, and
>    I can always ping the server fine from either box.
>    Sometimes I transfer large files from my ccrma box onto the share.  It is
>    not typical that these files are >4 GB.  Sometimes I leave the share
>    mounted for long periods of time with files open or terminal window open.
>    The problem arises when the terminal window quits responding to requests
>    to access that share.  If I perform 'umount /mnt/pubshare -f' it just says
>    "device or resource busy" or something to that effect, and I am unable to
>    unmount the share.  There are no open apps that I can see that are using
>    part of the mounted resource, and I am not in that directory when I try to
>    unmount.  If I perform 'fuser -v /mnt/pubshare' it hangs.  At that point,
>    running 'umount' from a different terminal will release the hang, but it
>    will complain of Input/output error rather than giving me result of fuser,
>    and it still will not let me umount.
>    Meanwhile from the other FC3 box the NFS share is responding just fine. 
>    Any ideas?  Is there anything about the ccrma setup that should make this
>    situation different from my vanilla FC3?  Is there some troubleshooting I
>    can do, or some log file that will show the problem I am having with the
>    nfs share?  if I run nfsstat, the output looks normal, even when the box
>    is having the connection problem. 
>    The only way out for now is to reboot.  Any ideas appreciated.
>    Thanks!