[PlanetCCRMA] USB-audio config questions

Mark Knecht Mark Knecht <markknecht@gmail.com>
Thu Mar 10 18:05:01 2005

   Two questions:

1) I bought a small USB sound device for my wife's Planet box.  I
plugged it in and it worked first time. Question is why? What loaded

Here's /etc/modprobe.conf:

alias eth0 8139too
alias snd-card-0 snd-intel8x0
install snd-intel8x0 /sbin/modprobe --ignore-install snd-intel8x0 &&
/usr/sbin/alsactl restore >/dev/null 2>&1 || :
remove snd-intel8x0 { /usr/sbin/alsactl store >/dev/null 2>&1 || : ;
}; /sbin/modprobe -r --ignore-remove snd-intel8x0
alias usb-controller ehci-hcd
alias usb-controller1 uhci-hcd
alias wlan0 ndiswrapper

Here's an edited version of what I see loaded:

[root@dragonfly root]# lsmod
Module                  Size  Used by
snd_pcm_oss            63392  0
snd_usb_audio          70336  1
snd_usb_lib            14208  1 snd_usb_audio
snd_rawmidi            32032  1 snd_usb_lib
snd_seq_device          9740  1 snd_rawmidi
snd_mixer_oss          21504  3 snd_pcm_oss
snd_intel8x0           35392  3
snd_ac97_codec         75256  1 snd_intel8x0
snd_pcm               120968  5
snd_pcm_oss,snd_usb_audio,snd_intel8x0,snd_ac97_ codec
snd_timer              37380  1 snd_pcm
snd                    73732  13
snd_page_alloc         10884  2 snd_intel8x0,snd_pcm
soundcore              11232  3 snd
realtime                5128  0
commoncap               8064  1 realtime
[root@dragonfly root]#

2) In this new style of modprobe.conf (which does not match the
modules.conf formats on the Planet site) where do I place the options
statements to make sure the Intel chip is hw:0 and the USB device is

[root@dragonfly root]# cat /proc/asound/cards
0 [ICH5           ]: ICH4 - Intel ICH5
                     Intel ICH5 with ALC655 at 0xfa081000, irq 17
1 [default        ]: USB-Audio - USB Audio CODEC
                     Burr-Brown from TI               USB Audio CODEC 
at usb-0000:00:1d.1-2, full s
[root@dragonfly root]#

It seems that if I boot with this device plugged in it comes up as
hw:0 and I'd like it to be hw:1.