[PlanetCCRMA] OS questions

Mark Knecht Mark Knecht <markknecht@gmail.com>
Sun Mar 6 15:58:01 2005

Hi Buddy,

There will be no RH10. Fedora Core 1, 2 and now FC3 have replaced RH
for end-user setups.

The 2.6 kernels on the Planet site are probably as good or better than
what you would be using if you are using a standard 2.4 kernel. If you
are using a Planet 2.4 kerne those were pretty good also.

You might look at a site like DistroWatch


For more info. I'm sure you can buy CDs at many places. I googled 

price mail CD "Fedora Core 3" and came up with 100's of links. I
cannot recommend any particular one though.

Just a heads up but if you do not have enough disk space for the iso
images then you'll have a hard time gettign much audio work done. On
the other hand if you're doing only MIDI work you may be OK.

Good luck!


On 06 Mar 2005 16:33:34 -0500, Buddy Bell <hhbell@bellsouth.net> wrote:
> I am currently running RedHat 9 and was wondering if RedHat is ever
> going to put out ver 10.  I'm not sure but I thought I saw somewhere
> that they are not - that FedoraCore was the new thing sort of replacing
> it.  With RH9 I am using a 2.4 kernel and I heard somewhere that 2.6
> kernel is much better at audio(Rosegarden) work.  I am trying to get by
> with a dual 300mhz machine but I am still getting an occasional xrun in
> jack(this is with Xfce4 instead of gnome - gnome gave lots more xruns).
> I feel if I could just eek out a little more from this machine I could
> avoid going to ebay for a 1.6ghz(is that fast enough?) machime.  If
> Fedora Core is the way to go can I buy cd's for it?  I don't have a cd
> burner and not enough disk space to store the iso's.  Thanks.  Buddy
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