[PlanetCCRMA] Sound (is it sound if you cant hear it?) above, 22kHz

Tracey Hytry shakti@bayarea.net
Fri Mar 4 02:50:02 2005

> maplins seem to do ferrites will have to check that out see if it cuts 
> HF emf on the dc power lines in the computer and soundcard selfnoise.  
> Is it OK just to clip these round all the cores of multicore cables as a 
> bundle?

I don't think you can do any real harm clipping them around any wires, unless it's a wire you actually want to carry a high frequency signal on.  Sometimes they work, sometimes not.

For a hard drive supply cable(4 wires) I would clip one around all four wires and slide it around to see if there is a place along the cable that cuts max noise.  If the cable is long enough I might try wrapping it back through(same way it came in) and see what that does.

I don't think I'd try putting one around the data cables.