[PlanetCCRMA] Snapshot ISO images for FC3 ?

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu Mar 3 23:38:01 2005

On Thu, 2005-03-03 at 12:01, Andreas.Haunschmidt@voestalpine.com wrote:
> First of all I would like to thank Mr. Fernando Lopez-Lezcano 
> and all the people working for the planetccrma software.
> I'm using it on a few machines (RH9) with great success.
> Now I've got a new machine and installed FC3 (from the planetccrma
> FC3 ISO images)
> As I have only a slow modem internet access from the new machine,
> it's too heavy to install planetccrma over this connection.
> So it would be fine if I could download the planetccrma software 
> ISO images (snapshots).
> When will the snapshots be available for FC2 or FC3 ?
> I would not mind if some of the packages were "unstable" or "edge"...

Ok, so today I rebuilt (in a hurry) the scripts to create new images,
but there are a couple of problems. One is that the images themselves
are not tested (except to verify that they are recognized by "apt-cdrom
add" on a fc3 test machine, and that I can install a couple of packages
from one of them). That is, I have not made a test install from cdrom
only (nor written the instructions :-). If you still try to use them
BEWARE, the default mount point in apt is /mnt/cdrom which is not going
to be there in fc3, make a link or change the option in apt.conf.
Another potential problem is I did not yet make an image for the updates
from Fedora Core, that may or not be a problem, depending on whether the
updates impact the Planet CCRMA packages... (I suspect not, but I'm not
sure as I have not done a test install from the cdroms only). 

If you are still interested you can find them here:
(or the similar dir for fc2). 
One is planetccrma-core-*, the other planetccrma-*

Let me know how it goes and sorry for the lack of testing, I hope I'm
not making you download a lot of stuff for nothing...

Another caveat, the planetccrma iso image (it was a test after all - I
was not going to release it) does not include the package signature key
which you will probably need, nor the install isntructions (which are
not complete anyway). Hopefully I did not forget anything crucial. 

-- Fernando