[PlanetCCRMA] Is it time to upgrade yet?

Rob Hall rob@waylock.co.uk
Tue Jun 21 15:08:01 2005

Its a nice easy upgrade to go from FC1 to FC3. As ever, back up your
stuff and back it up again. Put in the FC3 DVD or CD #1, boot from it
and follow the prompts.

If you can face it, after backing up data to your chosen medium (and
verified it!) do a complete clean install and repartition so that your
home directories are on another partition and if you have another hard
drive, make that your swap file and make it 2x the amount of physical
memory that you have in your machine.

Hope that helps

Rob Hall

On Tue, 2005-06-21 at 22:37 +0100, Nathaniel Virgo wrote:
> Hi,
> I am still running PlanetCCRMA with Fedora Core 1.  Would there be any 
> advantage in upgrading to FC2 or FC3, and what is the easiest way of 
> going about it?  (I foolishly have everything in one big / partition)
> One reason to upgrade that I can see is that other repositories seem not 
> to be supporting FC1 so much any more, so if it's relatively hassle-free 
> I'd quite like to do it anyway.
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