[PlanetCCRMA] Problems with a quite complicated audio system

Mark Knecht Mark Knecht <markknecht@gmail.com>
Sun Jun 19 14:39:01 2005

On 6/19/05, michele.spinolo@tin.it <michele.spinolo@tin.it> wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> thank you for your reply!
> >
> >Michele,
> >   If I understood the setup correctly (and it sounds like a fun
> >setup!) then possibly there is an oversight. Where is the clock for
> >the modified SACD player coming from?
> The Z-Sys unit performs and ASRC (asynchronous sample rate conversion) so
> the signal coming from the SACD player is re-clocked and I think it is not
> needed to sync the SACD player to the rest of the setup.

Ah! Ok, that at least explains the logic of what you are trying. Thanks.

Are you sure the Zsys is not corrupting the sound? What sample rate is
the SACD player playing at? 48K? If so is there any chance that the
Zsys isn't really resampling since it thinks both are at 48k?

How about telling the Zsys te sync on the SACD player? Or does this
not work becuase you lose clocks when the SACD player isn't rolling?

> >   It sounds as if you have 3 spdif OUTPUTs from the SACD player
> >giving you 6 audio channels. However I don't see a spdif input so I do
> >not understand how the player is getting sync'ed to your ADI-8 Pro.
> >
> ADI-8 Pro is synched to the Z-sys unit, which rebuilds the clock signal:
> so everything should be synched.
> To be more clear the Z-Sys unit is used just as a s/pdif to ADAT converter
> plus ASRC.

And I'm hoping that the 'A' in ASRC isn't what's hurting you. If the
SACD player's clock was slightly slower than the ADI-Pro's clock then
it seems to me that your buffers may run dry and possibly the Zsys
could be trying to fill in data or something. Anyway, I guess I don't
have much to add other than getting everything truly synch'ed would be

> >   I would think that in this case, if you want to play a CD from this
> >unit and have the sound be correct you need to tell the HDSP 9652 to
> >sync to the Zsys and you need to tell the Zsys to sync to the SACD
> >player. The SACD player will be the master and everything should be in
> >sync.
> The Z-Sys does not have an internal clock, but it must be provided on one
> of its ADAT inputs: this could be done synching ADI-8 Pro to HDSP9652 by
> wordclock, for example, and using ADI-8 Pro ADAT output to sync the Z-sys
> unit.

I guess is cannot take a clock from a spdif input?