[PlanetCCRMA] Problems with a quite complicated audio system

michele.spinolo@tin.it michele.spinolo@tin.it
Sun Jun 19 13:54:02 2005

Hi Mark,

thank you for your reply!

>   If I understood the setup correctly (and it sounds like a fun
>setup!) then possibly there is an oversight. Where is the clock for
>the modified SACD player coming from?

The Z-Sys unit performs and ASRC (asynchronous sample rate conversion) so
the signal coming from the SACD player is re-clocked and I think it is not
needed to sync the SACD player to the rest of the setup.

>   It sounds as if you have 3 spdif OUTPUTs from the SACD player
>giving you 6 audio channels. However I don't see a spdif input so I do
>not understand how the player is getting sync'ed to your ADI-8 Pro.

ADI-8 Pro is synched to the Z-sys unit, which rebuilds the clock signal:
so everything should be synched.
To be more clear the Z-Sys unit is used just as a s/pdif to ADAT converter
plus ASRC.

>   I would think that in this case, if you want to play a CD from this
>unit and have the sound be correct you need to tell the HDSP 9652 to
>sync to the Zsys and you need to tell the Zsys to sync to the SACD
>player. The SACD player will be the master and everything should be in

The Z-Sys does not have an internal clock, but it must be provided on one
of its ADAT inputs: this could be done synching ADI-8 Pro to HDSP9652 by
wordclock, for example, and using ADI-8 Pro ADAT output to sync the Z-sys

>   I am a bit unclear what the "RME HDSP 2496" is. What card is this?
>I don't recognize it. Is it setup to sync to the SACD player?

well it is a typo! It should be HDSP9652, actually!