[PlanetCCRMA] Aboust to install PlanetCCRMA

mrgrimm@radioactivecatfish.com mrgrimm@radioactivecatfish.com
Sat Jun 18 10:27:01 2005

ahoy aengus.

  when i upgraded from fc2 to fc3, i lost use of my computer.. i would 
definitely wait awhile until the kinks in fc4 are worked out before 
upgrading.. also, sometimes planet packages on the current fc arent 
available on the newest fc until fernando gets time to create the new 
package or something like that...  you might wanna wait awhile if fc3 is 
working for you..

Aengus Martin wrote:

>Hi All,
>Hi have a laptop happily running Planet CCRMA FC3, and I'm about to
>install it on my desktop as well. My question is: Since FC4 will be
>ready soon, am I better off waiting the extra time (a few weeks?) and
>doing a fresh install of that? or is upgrading usually a fairly smooth
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