[PlanetCCRMA] Thank You

Michael Jackson jackson@scsr.nevada.edu
Wed Jun 15 11:14:51 2005

Thanks to* *Fernando and everyone on the list, I have a working 
planetccrma computer. Once the
monitor was replaced, I have had no xruns. jackctl is working good. 
played with hydrogen and
recorded using audacity (which doesn't use jack). Audour works but slow 
at it due to learning
curve. I've done some tweaks, like turned off alot of processes, and did 
the setpci stuff. soundcard
is at irq9 and I have the buffers set at 4. my only complaint with fc3 
is that the cdrom is at
/media/cdrecorder instead of /mnt/cdrom. made it difficult at first for 
xcdroast to burn a cd as it
was looking at /mnt/cdrom. having alot of fun. Thank You!