[PlanetCCRMA] How I got PDP to work

dominic samuraiskillz@blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Jun 14 13:24:01 2005

Hi List

Ok I got PDP working and this is how I did it! hope it helps anyone else
who is having trouble

follow the instructions for getting the externals from

make sure you have 

gsl and gsl-devel (found it by checking all the repo's in synaptic)


libquicktime and libquicktime-devel

remove -Werror from all the make files----- very important

./configure then make.

then just add it to your .pdrc and bobs your uncle (I'll paste my pdrc
below. (still cant get ggee to load via the .pdrc)

I hope this helps. I cant believe I struggled for ages to do this. I got
help from Yves via the pd list :) I needed to install the source files.


my pdrc:

-r 44100
-lib Gem
-lib cxc
-lib zexy
-lib chaos
-lib idelay~
-lib syncgrain~
-lib fluid~
-lib ggee
-lib vasp
-lib creb
-lib dyn~
-lib fftease
-lib pdp
-path /usr/lib/pd/externs/pdp/
-path /usr/lib/pd/externs/pdp/abstractions/
-path /usr/lib/pd/doc/5.reference/
-path /usr/share/doc/