[PlanetCCRMA] ipw2100 wireless and ccrma kernel

Jamie Bullock jamie@postlude.co.uk
Mon Jun 6 01:35:01 2005


I am almost certain you won't need to rebuild your Kernel, all the right
crypto drivers area already there. It might matter where the firmware
goes though. I have an ipw2200, and the firmware is
in /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware/. Also, what do the results of grep
ipw /var/log/messages give?


On Sun, 2005-06-05 at 13:52 -0400, Ken Schutte wrote:
> Does anyone have ipw2100 module working with the
> 2.6.10-2.1.ll.rhfc3.ccrma kernel?  I've been trying to get this to work
> for a while but I'm totally stuck.  I've compiled it and put the
> firmware in /lib/firmware, and when I /sbin/modprobe ipw2100, I get:
> ipw2100: Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2100 Network Driver, 1.1.0
> ipw2100: Copyright(c) 2003-2004 Intel Corporation
> in dmesg.  But, when I try '/sbin/ifup eth1', I get "ipw2100 device eth1 
> does not seem to be present, delaying initialization."
> Do I have to rebuild the kernel?  Any advice would be appreciated.
> Ken
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