[PlanetCCRMA] Fixing an old recording

Bill Bain bill_bain99@yahoo.com
Fri Jul 29 17:24:01 2005

Chaz wrote:

>I recorded an small low-budget cd in a small local
>studio a few years 
>ago.  Although I loved the end result, the cd itself
>never had the 
>loudness that a regular cd had. 

If "loudness" is simply volume, then rip the .wav
files off the CD, and use Audacity to normalize them. 
You can set it to normalize to as close to 0 db as
possible and you'll have more volume. I usually
normalize to -3 db to give a little headroom but I've
seen folks take it much closer to 0.  Them write the
edited .wav files back to a CD.  I've not been able to
get Audacity running on my Linux box yet, but the
Windoze version of Audacity does this function quie
easily so I suspect that the linux version is
similarly easy to use.  Latency wouldn't be an issue,
so I'm not clear on why jack would be needed at all,
but I'm a newbie at the linux music world,

If "loudness" is really "loudness", that's a different
issue -  the "loudness" button on the stereo is
actually, I believe, a bass and treble boost amd you'd
hve to use EQ to edit the .wav files to boost specific

Bill Bain

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