[PlanetCCRMA] A few questions, some suggestions

BJaY BJaY@safe-mail.net
Tue Jul 26 02:57:01 2005

	I've posted this to CCRMA and LAU, hope this is OK.
s/w FC3, 2.6.11-0.3.rdt.rhfc3 kernal, Ensoniq AudioPCI, acpi=off pci=noacpi

1)	I recently upgraded from a Celeron 633 to a PIII 866 and now I can't get
48K to work properly. I set qjackctl 48000 but when I start it it reports
47010, Ardour reports 4.7K and QSynth/Fluidsynth is out of tune by about a
tone. The clock also seems to be gaining time. This has happened to be
before on my laptop (no upgrade, stuff was just out of tune). Suspect ACPI,
any thoughts ?

2)	Ardour segfaults when I try to resize (time stretch) a bit of audio
(latest CCRMA reository)

3)	I use the big free NS drum font and now and again, a sample sounds like
it's coming from 'both' speakers rather than  between them when using
fluidsynth, I also happens with other fonts and non-percussive instruments,
sonds like a phase shift of some sort, happends on both my machines, anyone
else noticed this ?

4)	I did some christmas carol arangements for guitar
http://www.geocities.com/brooslea/, my first tinkerings with Lillypond, does
this qualify for Made With Linux ? Has anyone got a server I can stick them
on cos nobody can see them where they are. Also, any feedback on the
lilyponding from lilypond guru's (in particular the placement of some of the
rests) and the arrangements from guitar guru's gratefully recieved.

5)	Anybody got latency figures for usb soundcards ?

6)	Getting archives for ardour mailing lists - sourceforge generally. Where
do I go to download a tarball of the mail archives on sourceforge ?

7)	CCRMA low latency kernal : When it says experimental kernal 'may not work
with your hardware' does this mean 'sound card' or are there many other
issues ?

8)	Issues with anacron and initial experience for music users shifting from
Windows to linux : I've not seen alot of discussion about disabling various
services (particualryly anacron) in install guides (CCRMA), any chance of
adding this with a list of services to disable on the CCRMA install pages ?

9)	Would it be a good idea to mention early on on the ccrma site that
problems with sound cards should be directed at the alsa development team ?
I posted some stuff to the linux-audio-dev mailing list about the trident
sound driver (before I got my barings) and it took months to make its way to
the alsa team.

10)	Any chance of the most up-to-date version of alsa in the core repository
(The one that fixes my problem (sis sound chip)) ? As I understand it, if
you want to recompile alsa, you have to recompile ther kernal (somthing I
have not yet had the guts to do) and I understand it can take all night.

11)	Any chance you could add the business of alsa not starting properly on
FC3 to CCRMA install documentation. Alot of pelple aquire their FC
distributions from the back of a book or download it and then take a long
time to become aware of the updates (that seem to fix the problem). This one
took me ages.

Thanks for all your help - IT WORKS !